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Track Traditional Marketing

We provide you with a selection of telephone numbers that ring on your normal internal or mobile phones. Use these unique telephone numbers in your printed advertising and AdMeter counts the results and manages the responses.

  • Yellow Pages
  • Direct Mail
  • Printed Adverts & Business Cards
  • TV & Radio Commercials
  • Flyers and Brochures

Track Internet Marketing

We detect where your web site visitors are coming from and use this information to dynamically show a pre-defined telephone number. We'll also detect any key visitor activity like feedback form submissions and newsletter sign ups.

  • Google Adwords PPC
  • Yahoo & Bing PPC
  • Organic Search Results
  • Directory Websites
  • Social Pages
  • Web Referrals
  • Email Marketing Campagins

Advanced Call Tracking

Our fully featured Call Tracking allows you to quantify a caller response to any marketing campaign and analyse over any period.

Web Vistor Tracking

By installing our web tracking scripts you will reveal a huge amount about your day-to-day website traffic in a concise, easy to understand and clear way.

Feedback Form Submission Tracking

Your web leads don't only contact you by phone; it's vital to have an understanding of how your online marketing efforts influence form submissions and sign-ups.

Track Costs

You can assign both per-responses costs (cost per lead) and overall campaign costs. This allows you to get the ROI for any period, across your entire marketing spend or by individual promotion.

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