Key features

Key features

  • Full senders report on every broadcast
  • Can be linked to Call Tracker for SMS & call response tracking
  • Extremely competitive rates, breaks available

SMS Tracker

Assess how impactful new media marketing is for you

SMS marketing can be useful for a whole host of business verticals, from pubs and clubs, to accountants and solicitors. Using our SMS Broadcast product, simply identify your target audience, create and send your message and SMS Tracker will track all responses.

It can even be used along side Call Tracker to identify those who call in response to the SMS text - ideal for service centres and hospitality.


What does SMS Tracker offer? 

  • Tracks all sent and received SMS text messages
  • Free Inbound SMS Tracking number
  • Keeps an ongoing log on all telephone calls received in response to your SMS
  • Can send to your existing customer lists, easy to import
  • SMS Ignore for easy unsubscribes

How can SMS Tracker benefit your business?

  • Great value advertising, a whole campaign can be managed and tracked for a fraction of your usual media spend
  • Grab an instant response from your customers
  • Can be used for service or appointment reminders